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The many faces of Edmonton

October 13, 2010

I am continually intrigued by the mix of city and rural that one finds in very close proximity in Edmonton. The city itself is cut in two from west to east by the Upper Saskatchewan River, with downtown Edmonton on the north side of the river. The south side of the river was once a separate city, Strathcona, but is now part of the city of Edmonton.

I have rented an apartment on the Strathcona side of the river for my last two engagements in Edmonton. It is closer to the Jubilee Hall, where the opera rehearses and performs, and the feel is markedly different from being in the City Center. And the juxtaposition of urban and rural is captured everywhere you look.


That's Strathcona House (my building) in the center of the picture.


Out one side of my building one finds an old railroad track, still used during the warmer months for a historic railroad. I have never seen the train, but walking along the tracks for a few blocks can be a shortcut into some of Stratchona’s shopping areas. And it is just fun to walk along railroad tracks! Along the tracks you see small houses, bigger apartment buildings, gardens, and sometimes a glimpse between buildings over the river to downtown.


You can just catch a glimpse of the Capitol Building over the white garage.



A better view of downtown Edmonton


Out the other side of my building, and in fact the best views are right out my window, is the Saskatchewan River Valley– a beautiful place to run (except for the steep climb back out).


The view from the 20th floor of Strathcona House


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