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Building a Super-Extended Family

October 13, 2010

One of the things I am enjoying on this my third engagement at Edmonton Opera is how the individual people in the company– administration, soloists, chorus, orchestra– become part of your super-extended family. You know more and more about them, and they know more and more about you.

Last Saturday was my son Ronan’s 3rd birthday, and I was very sad not to be there to celebrate with him. The night before though we had a big Act 2 rehearsal with chorus and principals, oh and kids too. Before letting everyone go I asked if they would mind singing Happy Birthday to Ronan, so I could video it and post it online for him to see when he woke up. Well, it was the most raucus and enthusiastic rendition I have heard in a long time, and made Ronan very happy. And now everyone comes up and asks “Did your son like his birthday video?!?!”

This is one of the wonderful perks of my job, and one of the things that makes being away from home for these long stretches just a little more bearable.

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